Fluke 77-4 Automotive Review

Fluke 77-4 Automotive

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For an automotive expert, a good, sturdy, safe, and reliable that is around $200 is definitely a great choice. But it shouldn’t too expensive to break your budget. In this multimeter review, I’m going to give you a detailed review of the Fluke 77-4 Automotive Multimeter. Fluke has always been the biggest firm in the multimeter field, their products have received supports from all over the world. And it isn’t for nothing, the Fluke 77-4 Automotive is another normal yet-again-improved by Fluke. Now, let’s take a closer look at its important features.

Overall look

This multimeter has a clean interface with the large backlit display screen. It has measure options for Volt, Amp, sound latency and much more. You can easily switch between modes by using the large switch in the middle of the multimeter. There are 4 different buttons under the display screen that allow you to make specific changes. Such as switch between auto range and manual range. But we’ll talk about this later. All in all, this piece of multimeter looks solid, compact, and has a very convenient design.

Design and build quality

Design and build

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Like many others in its category, the Fluke 77-4 Automotive is nicely built with a steady design from the inside to the outside. The feeling when holding is really comfortable and compact. The buttons allocation are very simple but it is still a full-function multimeter. And you’ll get other interesting additional features. Cleverly design with good look, solid and compact, I must say Fluke has done pretty well with this multimeter.

Display and interface

The display and interface are simple but still provide all the functionality that any experts going to need. It has only a few button for changing between modes, measurements, and ranges. And since the control is as simple as it could get, it’s hard for things to go wrong here. The display is a large backlit that is up to 6000 counts and a graph bar. The digits are updated four times a second and the bar graph refresh 32 times every second so the measurement result will always stay update.

Function and feature

This is well performed multimeter overall. It’s simple and easy to use for newbies but is still a full-functioned device for experts. The performance on the device is really good, it’s fast and responsive with the result is updated each millisecond. It has no excessive features that you probably will never use.

Protection features

Protection and features

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As an expert automotive, you’ll probably care about this matter. The Fluke 77-4’s current ranges are protected by 1000V HRC fuse. It is more expensive than glass ones and much safer.

Pros and cons


Simple and compact design with no no-needed features

Sturdy and durable build

Housing is good, looks very nice

Has separate voltage range

Great display screen and bar graph


Doesn’t have a micro-amps meter

Has average RMS response


As expected from Fluke, you’ll get a nice quality multimeter, both inside and outside. It has great build quality and housing with a great safe protection. But many people can find other cheaper multimeter with the similar functions.


Grand down reversible down alternative comforter

Grand down reversible down alternative comforter

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Are you wondering which kind of comforter you should buy? Confused by so many brands and types? Well don’t worry, I’ve got just the thing for you. It’s the Grand down reversible down alternative comforter, an ultimate choice for an all-season comforter. It’s probably one of the best down comforters you could find on the market. And why is that? Let’s find out.

Product detail


Product detail

credit: dormsmart.com

The comforter comes from the famous Grand Down (Grand Down Is Now Superior). You’ll experience the most superior and peaceful sleep with the exceptional warmth and coziness. This comforter was made with hypoallergenic material that will prevent almost every kind of allergies with down, dust or bacteria. It’ll last for a very long time and it’ll definitely change the way you sleep.


Exceptional qualityThe shell is made with finest 100% microfiber fabric. And the luxury Down Alternative Polyfill gives this comforter exceptional comfort in its price range. You can feel the luxuries when sleeping with these. And it doesn’t make any noises while sleeping so I really love it. And if you’re having allergy with down or feather, this is definitely the thing you need. It has hypoallergenic alternative down that will prevent any type of allergies.


credit: bhg.com

Size and dimension – They have 3 different sizes for you to choose from. The Twin/Twin XL has 68” x 90” dimension and contains 68oz of down fill. And the Full/Queen is 88″ x 90″ with 77oz of fill. The last option for you is the King size that measures 90″ x 108″ and filled with 100oz of fill. All the comforters are medium weight, fluffy, soft and warm making them a perfect comforter for year round use. They also have a lot of colors for you to choose.

Reversible bedding The design allows you to change the color of your comforter with a simple act of flipping. You can easily redecorate your bed in just a few second. And Superior also offer you a great collection of high quality of covers and memory foams to complete your bed.

Easy to care – The baffle box design and double needle stitching help keep the down fill in shape while the high quality down fill can easily be re-fluff. And this down comforter can be machine wash and tumble dry.

Customer feedback

The comforter has received a lot of positive feedback and score on the most trusted online shopping website with 4.5/5 on Amazon, 5/5 on Newegg, and 4.5/5 on Overstock. But it doesn’t mean that all customer are satisfied with it. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this product from purchased customer.


Looks great – they all agree that this comforter design is really nice. They can change their bedding style in just a few seconds. And it also smells good with the lavender scent.

Customer feedback

credit: repricerexpress.com

Soft and fluffyWith a good down fill, there is no doubt that this comforter is fluffy and warm. The medium weight is just enough, you don’t feel too heavy or too light. It’s a good all-season comforter.

Easy to cleanThe comforter is machine washable and dryable which makes it really easy to clean. You won’t have to go to the dry clean store and waste money on that. And you can easily re-fluff this.


Doesn’t last long – Some customer claims that their comforter became flat in just a few weeks and the baffle box design didn’t help to prevent the down from shifting.

Down leakingThe shell may don’t as good as it sounds since some people claims that there was down all over their shirt when they wake up in the morning. But it’s just claims though and I don’t believe in those very much.


The Consequences Of Bad Quality Mattress With Children

bad mattress

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Currently, the market is appearing widespread of blank sheets bed mattress bed mattress is not known the origin of tea is mixed, with many models, categories eye-catching but hidden inside are unpredictable dangers.  You can visit here for get more useful infomation about Mattress For Side Sleepers.

Harm to children’s health

Cheap children are the most affected objects from poor quality mattress products, with the immune system is not high, children are very sensitive to external conditions. When using products with inexpensive material, it will not absorb sweat effectively, causing secretions and penetration into the child’s body. It can cause chills and chills to the baby’s lungs. Therefore, the selection of children for quality and genuine products is very necessary.

Children health

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Causes skin irritation of children

The mattress of poor quality will irritate the skin of children. Most of us know that cheap, unspecified products are often made from recycled materials, with toxic chemical pigments or inexpensive materials. While children sleep, dirt, chemicals, and bacteria will clog up children’s face, which can irritate the baby’s skin and cause acne.

Cause sleep trouble

Because it is made from cheap and inexpensive ingredients, quality can not be compared to genuine. Low-quality products will give you a rough feel, fuzziness; the color will fade, cause sleep discomfort, do not create a deep sleep for children. It makes the spirit no longer good to negatively affect the health and work of children.

How to make the good sleep for children

Good sleep

credit: growingbonee.com.au

In order to have a good sleep, in addition to good products, you must know good child care. Nutrition, parental care is very important, you can not neglect the problem. Babies can not sleep well if hot or cold. You need to keep the temperature of the baby’s newborn room full term about 28 -29 degrees Celsius. The bedroom should be airy but do not let the wind slipping into the place where baby sleep. You must not let the blower blow the baby or leave the baby in the air. If the bedroom is air-conditioned, it is possible for the baby to wear overalls, to wear socks to avoid putting on a lot of towels to make him hot. You also need to keep baby diapers always dry to sleep the good sleep.

Baby is like a blank sheet of paper; the baby will be a good baby, sleep well if you do not miss the time can teach the baby sleep habits. Baby’s sleep is not only important for the development of the baby but also important to his mother. If your child harasses too much night, you will also lack sleep and not enough health as well as spirit to care for the baby well. Choose wisely to comfort your baby so that both he and she can sleep well.



All you need to know about placenta.


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The development of the placenta is an amazing process but it is often forgotten due to the miracle of birth itself. But you can’t deny the essential role of the placenta in the development of a baby. And the most common questions that i’ve been asked are what is it and when does the placenta take over.

What is placenta?

It is an organ that maintains the balance of hormone, provides nutrition for the baby to develop and protect the baby. A

What is placenta

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ll-and-all, it makes sure the pregnancy happen without any problems. And when the child is born, the doctor also take placenta out of the mother’s uterus because there is no reason for it to being there when the baby has left.

Where does it come from?

In the third week – the ovary’s follicle collapses and start to produce progesterone hormone. It continue doing this for the next 9 weeks

In the fourth week – the uterus was cover with a collection of cells. And some of these cells split up and attach themselves to the deeper part of the uterine wall. The other cells will be forming toes, finger, hair, etc. Meanwhile, those cells that have split up will form an organ that covers all the embryo and everything around it. This organ is called “the placenta”. It will take the responsible for keeping the embryo alive for the rest of the second trimester.

When will it take over?

From 4th week to 12th week – t

When does it take over

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he placenta continues to grow bigger and bigger. Large blood vessels that were formed by the original cells will receive nutrition and oxygen from the placenta and deliver it to the baby. And in the 12th week, the placenta will finish the takeover. But it still grows bigger as the baby develop. In single birth, there can only be one placenta. But for twins, the number of the placenta could be very different compared to each other. If the twins are fraternal, there will be 2 different placenta for each baby. When they are identical twins, the number of placenta depend on the moment the collection of cell show up. If the two embryos haven’t split up yet, then those cells will cover both embryo and form a placenta. But if they have already split up, the cells will cover them both and form two placenta around them just like fraternal twins.

Common problems with placenta

Placenta problems

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Your way of living, eating, and working is the most important factor that affects the development of the placenta. If you could provide a healthy lifestyle, there shouldn’t be any problem with the placenta during your pregnancy. But even when you have done all these, there still chance that thing could go wrong. So you should careful when dealing with these matters:

Unstable blood pressure – Too high or too low blood pressure aren’t good for you baby either. If you have a history of having this, you should careful when working and try not to be too emotional.

Age of the mother – When the women getting older, the uterus become less stable and their chance of having a baby are lesser. And during pregnancy, the age of the mother can be a serious factor that affects the placenta.

Having two babies or more – This can be a serious problem if the mother uterus isn’t big enough to contain her babies. The different placenta can crash into each other and broken. That is why giving birth to twins or triplets is often very risky.

And vaginal bleeding, uterus contraction, back pain are also serious problems. Remember to see your doctor right away if you encounter one or more of these problems.


Top 5 Best Golf Irons 2017

Let me ask you a question. How many of you golfers know how to choose a perfect iron for you? What do you know about how to improve forgiveness, accuracy, speed and other vital elements when playing golf? Well, most of us don’t have a good understand about this factor, even with some senior golfers. Choosing a good golf iron can help you improve your golfing, but it is hard to sort it out among all of those golf clubs on the market. You can easily be overwhelmed by the number of manufacturers, brands, or golf types,… So today I’m going to give you a list of the best golf irons ever that will definitely satisfy you.

Titleist AP1 Irons

Titleist AP1 Irons

credit: ebay.com

Price: From $522.00

This set of clubs is perfect for those who are looking to add more distance and forgiveness for their clubs. And if you are a Titleist fan then this is definitely the golf set for you. It comes with 4 golf irons that are perfect for improve your swinging speed and launch angle. The large sweet spot allows you to hit the ball with better precision.

Callaway Men’s XR Iron Set

Callaway Men's XR Iron Set

credit: golfwrx.com

Price: From $489.99

Most people find that everything is longer with this golf irons due to the stronger loft. You won’t need to add more power to your swing to increase the length of your ball. And the great thing is that many golfers claim that they can still maintain their accuracy even with powerful shots. For those who still think that hybrid clubs are better than irons, you might want to think again if you have time using this. It offers you the same forgiving, comfort like hybrid clubs but better distance control since it is iron. All-in-all, these clubs are great for anybody who are a 20 to 2 handicap players. These irons will surely lift up your game.

TaylorMade Men’s M2 Golf Iron Set

TaylorMade Men's M2 Golf Iron Set

credit: taylormadegolf.com

Price: From $569.00

These clubs are innovated with Unreal Distance from TaylorMade. It offers you better distance without sacrificing trajectory so players can hit better approach shots. The M2 golf irons are designed with exceptional forgiveness so you can improve your consistency. This is surely a game improvement for senior golf players. Many buyers claim that this iron set had made their shot trajectory became a lot more consistent and they also helped them to develop their skills. The iron clubs would be a good choice for high and mid handicap players and even seniors who are trying to improve their iron skills. With outstanding balance, great trajectory and plenty of spins, this iron set is definitely a great choice for golfers.

Nike Vapor Speed Irons

Nike Vapor Speed Irons

credit: golfwrx.com

Price: From $694.94

You will be expecting more powerful shots with better distance and height because of the design, which is low with deep weighted clubs. And the ultra-fast Spring Steel faces will give your hit more speed and precision. The clubs are ideal for making accurate shots due to the reinforced long irons and short irons. The deep groves clubs faces improve the ball flight and spin while maintaining a good consistency.

Cobra KING F6 Iron Set

Cobra KING F6 Iron Set

credit: golfalot.com

Price: From $539.99

These clubs can play extremely long and are very forgiving. Many golfers who enjoy hybrid clubs may find these irons comfortable. The reason for the incredible distance is the iron design. It is optimal for max distance but still maintains accuracy and forgiveness. The T.O.P technology creates a lower CG position to improve the launch conditions and ball flight.

For more information, please visit my website.



The Straightener Guide for Beginner At Home

Using hair straightener is not a simple task for those new to learn or not used before. You can not use this equipment when not equipped with the knowledge, the right way to care tips, best straighteners. You learn in the following article for more several ways in this straightener guide. Hopefully, this article will help you and advise you accordingly.


The shampoo is the first step before you apply any styling method with a straightener. The hair should be provided with moisture, nutrients, and clean up the entire dust along the body from the base to tip. Do this at home or the center, just remember that you do not use conditioner because it will restrict the entry of drugs on the hair stretching.

Dry Your Hair

This should be done at the center by the new only experts identified essential moisture to your hair before applying medication. Towel wipe the droplets clinging to your hair after shampooing end step. Panel dryer at moderate temperature and applied across the board until they are 22% humidity is. Hair care solution sprays if you show signs of damage before implementation.

Ointment Straighteners

Ointment on each small vertical curls and at least 1.6 cm scalp. If the hair on the tops are weak, the hairdresser will obliterate the base first and then to about 12 minutes to apply on the ends. Particularly the roots leaving, drugs are applied by hand.

The average residence time of about 32 minutes medicines but workers will regularly check because each hair has a different expansion. Drug effects are stretching as higher pH causing very dry hair, fibers, breakage. So when the hair just enough to spray expansion balancing solution pH 5.5 were up throughout the hair for a few minutes before discharge

Some Notes When Straighteners

– Can only straighteners shampoo after two days because it needed to create enough time for drug absorbed and deeply over the entire hair. Use a hat to cover all the bath, by direct contact with water will partially leach chemicals in hair straightening.

– Limiting the activities styling chemicals used when you just straighteners as dyeing, connection, bending, … because they will make the hair becomes weak and badly damaged.

– Strengthening activities with oily hair care come from nature, such as olive oil, coconut oil … hair flame will be less fibrous when absorbed enough oil, moisture, and nutrients found in natural products.

Effectively Stretched Hair Care

Even after stretching is done, your hair is not yet back to normal, at least within the first 48 hours. So avoid brushing force will lose much because of sticky, silky straight hair, sometimes creating fractures in her hair.

When shampooing, you should not use a comb to brush that should be stroked with the fingertips. Fast hair is restored, you should spend the time on hair care. One week you are incubated cream once. In the first months after pressing, you should regularly spray hair care. When out in the sun, remember to protect your hair with nourishing essences. So choose the shampoo, conditioner provides high humidity, can regenerate or restore hair stretching.


A high chair for your baby

With a high chair for your baby, the whole eating process will become much easier for him or her. However, with so many brands and models on the market, choosing just one might be a bit of a problem. That’s why we are here. In today’s article, we will show you what you need to keep in mind when buying this device for your lovely little angel.

High chairSafety first

Top priority criteria. After all, who does not want their kid to be safe all the time, right? Well, you need to look for the following components: a post between the baby’s legs, wheels that can be locked in place (or one without wheels). In addition, if it is foldable, make sure that you can do it quickly, effortlessly and safely as well.


You might want to take this factor into consideration because babies can sometimes be a little too active. You want something that can withstand the “beating” of the baby, as well as the spilling and regular cleaning. You are going to use this for a long time so you might as well put a little more money into this factor. This will be more economical in the long run.


Every creature will grow and your baby is no exception. Therefore, an adjustable high chair will much more suitable to the needs of your baby. For instance, seat with adjustable angle so that your baby can eat in any position he or she wants. Or adjustable height so that it can be appropriate with the growth of your baby or simply to feed him or her sitting down. If you have small space, an easy-to-fold high chair will be much more suitable.

Self-assembly or no

Self-assemblyIf you want to build something for your little angel, a high chair might not be a bad idea. There’s an instruction that comes with the product. Just read it and follow it and you are good to go. Some people really love to make something firsthand for their children and this is one of it. However, if you are not good at it, consider buying a fully assembled chair. It will save you lots of time and effort.

Test it out

Don’t just test the chair out with your eyes, test it with the baby physically. The best thing is to bring the baby along and have him sit on the chair. Depend on his or her emotion while sitting on that chair, you will obviously what to do. Nevertheless, if you cannot take your kid along then you need to keep the receipt just in case your baby does not like it.

If someone happened to give you a high chair as a present, ask them to give you the receipt as well. Letting a friend’s gift go to waste is the last thing you want to do.

That should be everything you need to know when buying this product. To make the process even easier, here is the link to the list of the best high chair 2017. Combine with the guidelines above, you will have a better idea of what to buy. We wish you the best of success in acquiring this device for your kid.


The correct way to run

Running, the most versatile form of exercise there is. It trains your whole body from top to bottom. However, without the correct technique, your training is not going to be that effective. And that is the purpose of this article, to show you the correct form so that you will benefit from this exercise. Here it goes:

Leg stride

Leg stride

credit: running.competitor.com

A quick math problem: longer stride results in more ground being covered which enable you to finish the laps faster. In reality, the longer your stride is, the more energy you will burn and if you are not used to it, the slower you will progressively get. Even worse is that you will run a higher risk of injury. The solution to that problem is to take short comfortable stride and then slowly increase the pace.

Arm swing

Arms swing

credit: runaddicts.net

While running, you need to swing your arm to propel forwards; however, do so with an adequate arc. Each of the arms, while in full swing, must not cross the vertical center line dividing your body in half. That will result in more energy being expended and your speed being seriously hindered.

In addition, you should keep the upper body relaxed all the time. A hardened upper body will make you run in a very funny way and sap your energy. You only have a limited amount of energy so use it wisely.

Feet placement

Feet placement

credit: cosmopolitan.co.uk

Besides the quick short stride, pay attention to the placement of your feet as well. As one of your legs moves up, make sure that your knee is perpendicular to your thigh and your foot is below the knee of the other leg. As for the landing, practice the habit of landing on the forefoot first. All of these will make you traverse faster while minimizing the risk of injury.


Running gear

credit: gearpatrol.com

Really simple. For short run, anything that you feel comfortable will do. In longer run, though, you will need a body fit and absorbent outfit to reduce the environmental drag. You will also need a small bottle of water along the way to avoid dehydration.

As for people with feet problems like aching or something similar, you will need special type of shoes to support your feet. Luckily for you, we got that covered. Head to plantarfasciitisshoesjudge, there you will find the list of all types of shoes suitable for people with lower body problem. That includes the best shoes for plantar fasciitiss, toes, ankles, heels problems or anything for that matter.

That’s everything we have for you. Thank you for taking the time to read this article.



Breaking Innovation: Real-time translating earbuds 

A start-up in New York City has posed a threat to the community of translators by inventing pre-eminent pilot earbuds which are able to break down the biggest barrier among us – language. This promising company is Waverly Labs.

The unreachable dream about the world where everyone could understand each other has the possibility to become true. When I first heard about this wonderful invention, the idea suddenly crossed my mind – Mr. Andrew Ochoa, the CEO of Waverly Labs, must be a fan of Translation Jelly gadget of the legendary Doraemon or be addicted to the uni-language world in Star Trek. However, the real motivation of this great engineer came from LOVE. In order to fulfill his romantic “coup de foudre” with a beautiful French lady, Andrew invented these earbuds.

Whether his story is true or not, I still found it very beautiful and unforgettable. When the product is released, it will be able to translate between English, French, Italian and Spanish. The company is also integrating the offline feature into these earbuds in order to activate them without the Internet connection.

Waverly Labs

However, the biggest problem that Waverly Labs is currently facing with is a memory board from where the data will be loaded. In the meantime, they are using an app to store the language data base. Simply put, you will need a strong smart phone to activate this app. I hope they will manage to integrate the USB flash drive into the earbuds and therefore, their users won’t depend on their smartphones anymore.


One more challenge of this breakthrough is the health issue. The earbuds will stimulate the growth of bacteria due to the remaining of heat and moisture inside your ears. It’s necessary to develop such a material which can eliminate this dangerous risk.

Waverly Labs is currently seeking for sponsors on Indiegogo. A good news is more than USD 4 million invested in this project and thus, these earbuds will soon be a reality.

The innovative earbuds are quite pricey. They will cost you $199 on IndieGoGo, though this amount of money has been discounted 30% from the final cost. Well, it’s not easy to find the best earbuds under 100 which are capable of translating languages. But maybe, in the future, the participation of the invincible competitors like Google, Microsoft will significantly reduce the price.



Things to keep in mind when buying your weight bench

When buying equipment for your personal gym, a weight bench is a must-have item and a good weight bench will make the training process much more effectively. But how do you know which is a good weight bench to purchase? On top of that, there are hundreds of brands and models currently on the market right now, choosing one might be a bit more difficult than you think. In this article we will talk about some things you need to keep in mind when buying this piece of equipment. Here they are:

Easy adjustability

This means that the bench can be adjusted to many position easily, without too much time and physical energy spent on unscrewing the pin, adjusting it then screwing it back. This is a waste of your energy and time meanwhile they should be better spent elsewhere. Simply thinking about this could possibly deter you from even working out in the first place.

In addition, choose a bench with many adjustable positions such as upright, multiple incline and decline angles, flat, and so on. Lots of position means that you can add more variety to your training plan, which can prevent you from getting bored and keep you going for longer period.

Removability of the leg extension/curl

An important feature as this allows you to do some certain exercise while as the same time, hinders you from many more exercises as a permanently attached bench will make it impossible to do some weightlifting exercise. Because of that, the removability feature allows you to accomplish both of that. Same as the easy adjustability feature, you want the removing process to be as easy and quick as possible to save time for exercising.

Portability and smallness

Unless you have a whole huge room dedicated to gym workout, you want your bench press to be portable and take up as little space as possible. This is to ensure that you don’t have to exert so much energy each time you have to move it around for whatever reason and save space for other stuff in the house.

 Standalone or in combination

When buying a weight bench, you can either buy it with the bench press stand attached to it or not. If you already have a power rack at home, this feature is not necessary as you already have a power rack to do bench press. Plus, it renders the weight bench useless with other exercises and on top of that, it is harder to move around as well.

If you don’t have a power rack yet, you could either go for the attachment option or you could buy the bench first then wait until you have enough money and buy the power rack. The latter is a much more versatile option as it allows you to combine many exercises with the weight bench.

Lastly, the money

Usually, the more money you are going to spend, the better the bench is going to be. However, don’t buy into the hype of the latest specialist bench press you see on TV, they will cost you much more than the one you saw at the local store while both offer the same functionality. Do a quick tour around the web and seek advice from your friends or anyone who is an expert in this field, they will give you a better idea of how much you should spend on this device.

That should be everything you need to know In order to buy this piece of equipment. For making it till the end of this article, click here to see the list of the best weight benches available right now, it will help you decide which one to buy a lot easier.