How often should you clean a cat’s litter box?

Some people say that having a dog makes you feel more exhausting than a cat since they’re bigger which means more eating, more pooping, and breaking more stuff. But sometimes, I thought to myself, ”I should’ve got myself a dog”. But that’s just a stupid thinking moment. I still love my kittens no matter what happens. Still, getting a dog isn’t a bad idea. I’ll plan on that latter.

Back to the cat topic, lately I’ve received lots of question regarding how often should one clean their cat litter box. Since the question is various, I’ll try to give you the most general answer. There isn’t any particular standard for the frequency of cleaning your litter box. You only clean it when it’s dirty and that’s it.

Simple cleaning Scooping litter box

By saying “simple”, I mean the type of cleaning involving remove only the urines and poops. If that’s what you were asking, then here is the answer. You should clean it whenever you think that it’s too dirty (which means whenever you feel like cleaning). Or when you can’t stand the smells that’ve been coming out from your litter box. There are a few signs showing that your litter box is too dirty and it needs to be clean:

First, you’ll see your cat scratching outside the litter box. This is a way of saying “Hey hooman! It’s too dirty in here, I can’t pee anymore. Clean it right away!”.

Second, when you look into the litter box, you can clearly see lots of urine pieces and poop on the surface of the litter. Plus, you also smell a stinky scent coming from the litter. If that’s the case, it’s time to grab the scoop and get rid of those wastes. Consider changing the litter if there’s only a few left.

Advance cleaning

If the problem isn’t about the litter anymore, the built-up urine and poop have taken the dirtiness inside your litter box to a whole new level. It’s time for more serious acts. Here is how we perform the job. Cleaning

First, you’ll still need to “simple” clean the box by removing all the poop and urine. After that, pour all the rest of the litter out. Dissemble all the part that’s possible. Dip them in a mixture of bleach and deodorizer liquid. Wait for the mixture to dissolve properly.

Then take them out, carefully brush the parts to remove all the stains. Apply more bleach if necessary. When they’re all dealt with, take them out somewhere clean, dry, and exposed-to-sunlight. The sunlight will dry and also get rid of all the bad odors.

But if you think that there is no point in cleaning your litter box, it’s the perfect time to looking for a new litter box. Just click on this best automatic cat litter box on august 2017 button. The most popular products are waiting for you.


How to watch Disney movies online free

Now, with the Internet is developing and making our lives easier and easier, It’s really simple to watch these movies. All you need is a stable internet connection, a couch to relax on, some popcorn and soda. But wait, I’m missing something here, you’ll need great movies to watch and a place to watch them.

Great movies

Well, when it comes to Disney movies, I guarantee that you will never feel short on movies to watch. With a large library of hundreds released movie and a continuous flow of new movies, especially from their studio Pixar. But too many movies might be a problem for you, I mean a good problem (LOL). Most of you will probably find it hard to choose some movies to watch on your night off, so here is a list of my favorite Disney movies that you guys must be desperate to see.

Disney movies

The Prince of Egypt

As I have mentioned earlier in my post, this is one of my most favorite movie from Disney. It literally brought me to this movies and cartoons heaven. And not to mention the theme song which was performed by two most famous Diva of all time, Maria Carey and Whitney Houston. The movie, the music, and the experience, they’re all great. You should definitely watch it if you haven’t and watch it again for several times if you have (like I do)

Monster Inc

The movie takes place in the city of the monster in Metropolis. Now kids, don’t get scared right away, they’re good monsters. Well, there are some bad ones too. But isn’t it the point of every movie, good guys vs bad guys. But don’t worry, the movie won’t feel intense, It’s going to be very funny, relaxing, and enjoyable. I’ll not spoil any content here, you should watch it yourself. And trust me, you won’t regret it.

Finding Nemo

This is gonna be the last movie on the list since I’ve got pretty long for a Friday night movies list. The movie is great, it’s so awesome how producer has breathed life into the fish (and sharks and other types of sea animals). It’ll surely guarantee a feast for your movie hunger. The movie is fun, enjoyable and unforgettable.

Where to watch

Which could be the best place for watching free movies online? Well, you guys did see the strong bolded text that said “free movies online” on it, right? Just click on it, choose your site. And after some click and tap, you’re good to go.


Trail camera buying guide for beginners

Having trouble with choosing your first trail camera since you haven’t figured it out how to pick a proper one? In this article, I’m going to give you the basic knowledge when it comes to buying and using a trail camera.

What is trail camera?

What is trail camera

First thing first, you must get to know it better before you can start working with it. Trail camera is specifically designed for capture images at difficult terrains or in tough environments. It’s often used by adventurers or war photographer since it’s light-weighted, easy-to-use, and very durable. It also offers a lot of awesome features that are great for taking pictures at high speed and large angle.

Important features

Here are the most essential features that every good trail camera must have. And it’s very important for those who’s still new to using or looking to buy a trail camera.


Great for tracking wild animal

It’s really convenient to have a flashlight feature on your trail companion. This will enable you to take pictures in dark areas or capture great moments that will only appear at night. But even flashlight has types and you must choose the one that suit you most.

No-glow flashlight: this one is perfect for taking pictures of animals at night without scaring it away. The light that comes from this device is invisible to the animal as well as our eyes. But the downside is that all the pictures that you take will only come in black and white color.

Low-glow flashlight: It’s a slightly better choice if you want your picture to be a little more colorful. And the light is very mild so it won’t scare most animals away except for those that is extremely sensitive to light.

White flashlight: This typical and traditional flashlight will guarantee the best pictures for your album. It’s great for taking pictures in the night as long as the things that you capture isn’t alive or react to bright light.


This will decide how detailed the picture is taken. If you want your picture to be well-detailed and has a wide view then you probably should care about this feature. But high pixels doesn’t mean that your picture will look better. The quality of the images is mostly affected by the lens of the camera.

Capturing and taking picture


There are lots of things to talk about this but I’m going to shorten the list since you guys are still new to it. I’ll mention important features that every trail camera should have.

Speed enhancement: This feature is proven to be great for taking pictures at high speed, things that only appear or a moment. It’s perfect for taking pictures of animal.

Recovery time: This may sound similar to the mentioned above since it’s also about improving speed but it’s not. The recovery time of a camera is referred to how much time the camera takes to complete its capturing and ready for the next one. So put your mind in it if you want your camera to be extra fast.


If you’re a wildlife adventurer or a war photographer, you’d probably get used to living in tough environments where things could get broken pretty easily. And in this case, you wouldn’t want your trail camera to be one of those. So choose a nicely made one and make sure you choose a camera that comes with a durable carry bag since it’ll help you a lot.


One more thing to consider when choosing the best trail camera is its battery life. It should be maximized so the camera can stay alive as long as possible since you won’t have many chances recharging it in the wild. But don’t choose those that have big battery because it’ll be heavy for you to carry around.

That’s it guys, hope you enjoy my post and see you in my next one.


Tips to buy a sleeper sofa

Do you intent to get a sleeper sofa? Do you want your guest to have a good night sleep even though you don’t have any guest room? If so, then a sleeper sofa just might be what you need. However, with the sheer amount of brands, styles, and designs on the market, choosing one might not be a piece of cake. Hence, in this article, we will show you some general guidelines on how you can acquire the perfect on for your house. Here goes:


Save space

If you have a small house then size is a critical factor. Make sure that your sofa will fit comfortably in your room and that it will not get in the way of anything. A sure fire way to get the correct bed size is to measure the dimension of the place where plan to put your sofa bed and then bring it to the stores. The clerks there have lots of expertise on this matter, so they can give you some valuable advice.

Mattress type

Depend on your preference and physical condition, especially your back, there’s a correct type of mattress for you. Usually, there are three types: inner coil spring, memory foam and air-filled mattresses. To know what the most comfortable sleeper sofa bed is for you, you can test it physically at the store. Don’t be too shy to do it; after all, you spend a lot on it so it is well worth a try.


User can freely customize

If only you are going to use this sofa bed, then a twin size is the right one for you. If you want a bit of extra space, then go for the queen size one. If two people are going to sleep on this bed, a full size bed will be needed to accommodate all.

Open mechanism

Modern sofa beds are designed to be user-friendly. However, if you still have trouble opening the sofa, even after reading the instruction carefully, it is much better to ask the clerk to demonstrate it for you. They will go all out to satisfy their customers.


It is necessary to have a warranty on an object that you are going to use for a long time. If you are a fan of Murphy’s Law then a warranty is even more important, just in case something goes wrong. Look for product from companies with reputation. They won’t let their customers down as they have much more to lose when doing so.


How Water Effect to Human Health

Why are water and environment polluted? How does it affect human health?

In the self-operation of nature, water also has a process of purifying water by microbial and microalgae activities and photosynthesis by the sun. Besides it, you can visit here for getting more information about Top 5 Best Reverse Osmosis Systems.

Water pollution status

credit: Sciencetopia.net

However, with more than 7 billion people living on the planet today, providing nutrients for life and releasing waste into the environment has reached the critical level of self-cleaning of the environment. If people do not have the awareness raising and join hands to keep the environment clean and protect the water resources, the pollution of water and the environment as the present is indispensable.

Causes of water and environmental pollution can be divided into two groups


credit: http://www.rajaha.com

  1. Natural pollution is caused by erosion or slope degradation of mountains, riverside land, which causes water currents to entrained with mechanical substances such as mud, soil, sand, mud, etc., or volcanic eruptions. Smog increases the amount of smoke in the rainwater that falls to the ground, or from the rising sea level, causing pollution of the rivers, or the dissolution of high concentrations of mineral salts, including carcinogens. A letter like Arsen, Fluor, and Heavy Metals …
  2. Human pollution is a direct risk that causes many health and human life problems. Significant is human waste (feces, water, garbage), factory and export processing waste and the exploitation of minerals, oil and gas fields; Waste of livestock, poultry and aquaculture; Slaughter area waste, food processing; And traffic with waste gas and residues after use; Last but not least, radioactive waste.

How does it affect human health?

affect to human

credit: Flickr.com

– Intestinal diseases; Skin diseases, cancer, congenital malformations; Respiratory diseases and cardiovascular diseases, hypertension due to microbial contamination, plant protection chemicals and industrial waste, smoke, dust, continuous noise in soil, water, air and the environment. bare.

  • In the face of the current state of water pollution, it is essential to equip a family with a water purifier. A product can not deny the special feature of water purification is the water purifier.

What can I do to keep water clean and protect the environment?

. As ordinary citizens we should only educate our children and grandchildren and motivate people to do the same things as they do: do not dispose of anything freely into the water, into the common environment, save water and be ready. Participate in village conventions, regulations on soil, water, and environmental protection. Sort waste at home and reuse plastic bags, plastic, glass objects. Each household must have at least 01 sanitary standards. In eating and drinking, consumption is not wasted to secure the economy and maintain the earth’s resources.


How to choose the right battery charger for your car

Normally when your car starts, the reserved power from the car battery will allow the engine to start. But when that reserved power is enough or just ran out then it’s time for the charger to do its job. Depends on your car, here is a few factors that you should consider when you’re choosing your car battery charger.

Battery Charger or Jump Starter

First let me explain, battery charger work just like any other charger. It provides power for the battery but this process takes time and you’ll have to wait until your battery has enough power to start the engine. The jump starter works a little different, it allows your car to start even when the battery runs out. That’s why it’s called the jump starter.

Jump starter

credit: amazon.com

So depends on your situations, if you want to start the car as quickly as possible then you’d probably need a jump starter. But I only recommend using it in a critical situation. If you have time, you should recharge your battery properly to ensure the battery’s life. Your battery needs to be fully charged before you use it. Some may say that the battery can be recharged when your car is running, this is true but the car won’t be fully charged since you also use the power when driving. Plus, the power current when you’re driving isn’t stable and it could cause your battery to wear out.

Battery Size and Voltage

Then you need to choose charger bases on your battery status. How much capacity, power current, and voltage is the key factors when choosing a car battery charger. Your charger must provide enough power in a certain amount of time so the charging can have the most effect.

Plus, the current must match your battery so there shouldn’t be any problems while charging.

Battery size

credit: http://www.halfords.com

Battery chemistry

It basically means what are the components of your battery. Most batteries are lead-acid batteries which have plates that are dipped in an acid bath. Inside the bath, a chemistry reaction between the plates will happen when the power cable is a plugin. The negative ions from one plate will move to the other. Thus, create power to recharge your battery. There are a few common battery chemistry types, AGM, Gel Cell, or Deep Cycle. Not all charges are designed to deal with all types of battery chemistry so you should carefully examine your battery before buying a charger. Make sure there are no problems between your charger and the battery.

Additional features

Additional features

credit: http://www.carbatterychargerscentral.com

Here are some features that your charger need to have to ensure the safety when charging.

Auto discharge

This is one of the features that I recommend driver equip on their car battery charger. Basically, it turns the charger off or to maintenance charge mode to avoid overcharge your battery which could avoid serious battery problems.

Warning features

Your charger should have the ability to gives you a warning when the wrong power cable is hooked in or the power source isn’t stable. This is a life-saving feature that I always recommend my client to equip on their charger.

Battery diagnostic

Over time, your battery could have a surface of sulfate that was build up due to the chemistry reaction between the plates. Too much of these means that your battery has gone bad and it’s time to fill in new acid. Some charger can detect your battery status without opening it up.

Solar charge

It may seem unnecessary in normal condition but the solar charge can be essential sometimes. So you should buy a charger that has an additional solar charge feature on it just in case.




Watch free movies online without signing in

Nowadays, watching movies is one of the most popular forms of entertainment. You can do it at the cinema with a big screen and surround sound system or you can do it right at home with a DVD. However, there is a cheap way to do it and that is watching movies online. There are some websites that even allow you to grind your favorite series without having to sign up. Here are some of the best websites to satisfy your movies craze.

Free movie without signing up

Credit: tshowbox.com

1/ Moviewatcher.io

This website has a huge database of highly rated, popular and new films. If you don’t know what your favorite type of film is, this site is perfect for you to get acquaintance with these works of art.

They sort their films by the year when they were made, rating, genre, etc. You will also find some classic movies of the world displayed on their home page.

2/ alluc.ee

Free movies

credit: clipartfest.com

Undoubtedly the best place to look for movies to download to your computer or to stream it directly on the web. Simply enter the name of the movie you are looking for in the search box and click on Find streams button. You will find all the sites hosting the movies that you want to watch. The next step is just choosing which one to watch.

3/ mydownloadtube.com

This is one of the best sites to watch movies online as well as to download it to your computer. You can search movies according to your personal criteria such as year, rating, genre, etc. Not only that, this site will also provide you with all the related information about the movie such as IMDB rating, storyline, length, etc. so that you know which is the most suitable one for you.

4/ watchmoviesfree.tv

A great website to enjoy your favorite films with no registration at all. Some sites may say that they don’t require any registration but they do in reality. This site requires absolutely no registration at all. It is highly recommended.


credit: alternativeto.net

5/ gomovies.cx

Another great site to satisfy your movie craze without the need to sign in. Input the movie name in the search box, add a few of your personal criteria and hit search. What you are looking for will appear right in front of your eyes right away. Apart from movies, this site allows you to watch some popular TV series as well.

6/ Putlocker.is

On the homepage of this website, you can choose genre, year, main actors, etc. of the movie you want to see. You can also browse through the database by using their A to Z list. There is also a Featured Movie section which contains all the recently released movies and TV shows.

7/ Losmovies.ws

It may look similar to other website but this website has one unique feature – a collection of movies with English subtitles. Along with SD and HD quality films, there is also 3D movie as well. Not too shabby, right?

If you want more tips on this matter, please visit cmoviehd to go to watch free movies online. Our contents won’t disappoint you.


Grand down reversible down alternative comforter

Grand down reversible down alternative comforter

credit: amazon.com

Are you wondering which kind of comforter you should buy? Confused by so many brands and types? Well don’t worry, I’ve got just the thing for you. It’s the Grand down reversible down alternative comforter, an ultimate choice for an all-season comforter. It’s probably one of the best down comforters you could find on the market. And why is that? Let’s find out.

Product detail


Product detail

credit: dormsmart.com

The comforter comes from the famous Grand Down (Grand Down Is Now Superior). You’ll experience the most superior and peaceful sleep with the exceptional warmth and coziness. This comforter was made with hypoallergenic material that will prevent almost every kind of allergies with down, dust or bacteria. It’ll last for a very long time and it’ll definitely change the way you sleep.


Exceptional qualityThe shell is made with finest 100% microfiber fabric. And the luxury Down Alternative Polyfill gives this comforter exceptional comfort in its price range. You can feel the luxuries when sleeping with these. And it doesn’t make any noises while sleeping so I really love it. And if you’re having allergy with down or feather, this is definitely the thing you need. It has hypoallergenic alternative down that will prevent any type of allergies.


credit: bhg.com

Size and dimension – They have 3 different sizes for you to choose from. The Twin/Twin XL has 68” x 90” dimension and contains 68oz of down fill. And the Full/Queen is 88″ x 90″ with 77oz of fill. The last option for you is the King size that measures 90″ x 108″ and filled with 100oz of fill. All the comforters are medium weight, fluffy, soft and warm making them a perfect comforter for year round use. They also have a lot of colors for you to choose.

Reversible bedding The design allows you to change the color of your comforter with a simple act of flipping. You can easily redecorate your bed in just a few second. And Superior also offer you a great collection of high quality of covers and memory foams to complete your bed.

Easy to care – The baffle box design and double needle stitching help keep the down fill in shape while the high quality down fill can easily be re-fluff. And this down comforter can be machine wash and tumble dry.

Customer feedback

The comforter has received a lot of positive feedback and score on the most trusted online shopping website with 4.5/5 on Amazon, 5/5 on Newegg, and 4.5/5 on Overstock. But it doesn’t mean that all customer are satisfied with it. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this product from purchased customer.


Looks great – they all agree that this comforter design is really nice. They can change their bedding style in just a few seconds. And it also smells good with the lavender scent.

Customer feedback

credit: repricerexpress.com

Soft and fluffyWith a good down fill, there is no doubt that this comforter is fluffy and warm. The medium weight is just enough, you don’t feel too heavy or too light. It’s a good all-season comforter.

Easy to cleanThe comforter is machine washable and dryable which makes it really easy to clean. You won’t have to go to the dry clean store and waste money on that. And you can easily re-fluff this.


Doesn’t last long – Some customer claims that their comforter became flat in just a few weeks and the baffle box design didn’t help to prevent the down from shifting.

Down leakingThe shell may don’t as good as it sounds since some people claims that there was down all over their shirt when they wake up in the morning. But it’s just claims though and I don’t believe in those very much.


All you need to know about placenta.


credit: share.upmc.com

The development of the placenta is an amazing process but it is often forgotten due to the miracle of birth itself. But you can’t deny the essential role of the placenta in the development of a baby. And the most common questions that i’ve been asked are what is it and when does the placenta take over.

What is placenta?

It is an organ that maintains the balance of hormone, provides nutrition for the baby to develop and protect the baby. A

What is placenta

credit: wikipedia.org

ll-and-all, it makes sure the pregnancy happen without any problems. And when the child is born, the doctor also take placenta out of the mother’s uterus because there is no reason for it to being there when the baby has left.

Where does it come from?

In the third week – the ovary’s follicle collapses and start to produce progesterone hormone. It continue doing this for the next 9 weeks

In the fourth week – the uterus was cover with a collection of cells. And some of these cells split up and attach themselves to the deeper part of the uterine wall. The other cells will be forming toes, finger, hair, etc. Meanwhile, those cells that have split up will form an organ that covers all the embryo and everything around it. This organ is called “the placenta”. It will take the responsible for keeping the embryo alive for the rest of the second trimester.

When will it take over?

From 4th week to 12th week – t

When does it take over

credit: kitogains.com

he placenta continues to grow bigger and bigger. Large blood vessels that were formed by the original cells will receive nutrition and oxygen from the placenta and deliver it to the baby. And in the 12th week, the placenta will finish the takeover. But it still grows bigger as the baby develop. In single birth, there can only be one placenta. But for twins, the number of the placenta could be very different compared to each other. If the twins are fraternal, there will be 2 different placenta for each baby. When they are identical twins, the number of placenta depend on the moment the collection of cell show up. If the two embryos haven’t split up yet, then those cells will cover both embryo and form a placenta. But if they have already split up, the cells will cover them both and form two placenta around them just like fraternal twins.

Common problems with placenta

Placenta problems

credit: thebump.com

Your way of living, eating, and working is the most important factor that affects the development of the placenta. If you could provide a healthy lifestyle, there shouldn’t be any problem with the placenta during your pregnancy. But even when you have done all these, there still chance that thing could go wrong. So you should careful when dealing with these matters:

Unstable blood pressure – Too high or too low blood pressure aren’t good for you baby either. If you have a history of having this, you should careful when working and try not to be too emotional.

Age of the mother – When the women getting older, the uterus become less stable and their chance of having a baby are lesser. And during pregnancy, the age of the mother can be a serious factor that affects the placenta.

Having two babies or more – This can be a serious problem if the mother uterus isn’t big enough to contain her babies. The different placenta can crash into each other and broken. That is why giving birth to twins or triplets is often very risky.

And vaginal bleeding, uterus contraction, back pain are also serious problems. Remember to see your doctor right away if you encounter one or more of these problems.


Top 5 Best Golf Irons 2017

Let me ask you a question. How many of you golfers know how to choose a perfect iron for you? What do you know about how to improve forgiveness, accuracy, speed and other vital elements when playing golf? Well, most of us don’t have a good understand about this factor, even with some senior golfers. Choosing a good golf iron can help you improve your golfing, but it is hard to sort it out among all of those golf clubs on the market. You can easily be overwhelmed by the number of manufacturers, brands, or golf types,… So today I’m going to give you a list of the best golf irons ever that will definitely satisfy you.

Titleist AP1 Irons

Titleist AP1 Irons

credit: ebay.com

Price: From $522.00

This set of clubs is perfect for those who are looking to add more distance and forgiveness for their clubs. And if you are a Titleist fan then this is definitely the golf set for you. It comes with 4 golf irons that are perfect for improve your swinging speed and launch angle. The large sweet spot allows you to hit the ball with better precision.

Callaway Men’s XR Iron Set

Callaway Men's XR Iron Set

credit: golfwrx.com

Price: From $489.99

Most people find that everything is longer with this golf irons due to the stronger loft. You won’t need to add more power to your swing to increase the length of your ball. And the great thing is that many golfers claim that they can still maintain their accuracy even with powerful shots. For those who still think that hybrid clubs are better than irons, you might want to think again if you have time using this. It offers you the same forgiving, comfort like hybrid clubs but better distance control since it is iron. All-in-all, these clubs are great for anybody who are a 20 to 2 handicap players. These irons will surely lift up your game.

TaylorMade Men’s M2 Golf Iron Set

TaylorMade Men's M2 Golf Iron Set

credit: taylormadegolf.com

Price: From $569.00

These clubs are innovated with Unreal Distance from TaylorMade. It offers you better distance without sacrificing trajectory so players can hit better approach shots. The M2 golf irons are designed with exceptional forgiveness so you can improve your consistency. This is surely a game improvement for senior golf players. Many buyers claim that this iron set had made their shot trajectory became a lot more consistent and they also helped them to develop their skills. The iron clubs would be a good choice for high and mid handicap players and even seniors who are trying to improve their iron skills. With outstanding balance, great trajectory and plenty of spins, this iron set is definitely a great choice for golfers.

Nike Vapor Speed Irons

Nike Vapor Speed Irons

credit: golfwrx.com

Price: From $694.94

You will be expecting more powerful shots with better distance and height because of the design, which is low with deep weighted clubs. And the ultra-fast Spring Steel faces will give your hit more speed and precision. The clubs are ideal for making accurate shots due to the reinforced long irons and short irons. The deep groves clubs faces improve the ball flight and spin while maintaining a good consistency.

Cobra KING F6 Iron Set

Cobra KING F6 Iron Set

credit: golfalot.com

Price: From $539.99

These clubs can play extremely long and are very forgiving. Many golfers who enjoy hybrid clubs may find these irons comfortable. The reason for the incredible distance is the iron design. It is optimal for max distance but still maintains accuracy and forgiveness. The T.O.P technology creates a lower CG position to improve the launch conditions and ball flight.

For more information, please visit my website.