Breaking Innovation: Real-time translating earbuds 

A start-up in New York City has posed a threat to the community of translators by inventing pre-eminent pilot earbuds which are able to break down the biggest barrier among us – language. This promising company is Waverly Labs.

The unreachable dream about the world where everyone could understand each other has the possibility to become true. When I first heard about this wonderful invention, the idea suddenly crossed my mind – Mr. Andrew Ochoa, the CEO of Waverly Labs, must be a fan of Translation Jelly gadget of the legendary Doraemon or be addicted to the uni-language world in Star Trek. However, the real motivation of this great engineer came from LOVE. In order to fulfill his romantic “coup de foudre” with a beautiful French lady, Andrew invented these earbuds.

Whether his story is true or not, I still found it very beautiful and unforgettable. When the product is released, it will be able to translate between English, French, Italian and Spanish. The company is also integrating the offline feature into these earbuds in order to activate them without the Internet connection.

Waverly Labs

However, the biggest problem that Waverly Labs is currently facing with is a memory board from where the data will be loaded. In the meantime, they are using an app to store the language data base. Simply put, you will need a strong smart phone to activate this app. I hope they will manage to integrate the USB flash drive into the earbuds and therefore, their users won’t depend on their smartphones anymore.


One more challenge of this breakthrough is the health issue. The earbuds will stimulate the growth of bacteria due to the remaining of heat and moisture inside your ears. It’s necessary to develop such a material which can eliminate this dangerous risk.

Waverly Labs is currently seeking for sponsors on Indiegogo. A good news is more than USD 4 million invested in this project and thus, these earbuds will soon be a reality.

The innovative earbuds are quite pricey. They will cost you $199 on IndieGoGo, though this amount of money has been discounted 30% from the final cost. Well, it’s not easy to find the best earbuds under 100 which are capable of translating languages. But maybe, in the future, the participation of the invincible competitors like Google, Microsoft will significantly reduce the price.


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