The Experience of Using The Shock Collar for Small Dogs

Currently, many people have pets is using shock collar to train their pets. However this is a very dangerous product if users are not careful, we will have the opposite effect.  It is used for dog training. Also, it can kill your dog. A shock collar is used in some countries, but also banned from use in some other countries.

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Guide To Train Dogs With Shock Collars

Train Dogs

  1. Help The Dog Does Not Destroy Furniture.

Our dogs are not destructive fix things like biting shoes, sandals bite, bite … your clothes immediately using whistles and immediately press the shock and provide toys for it. With puppy wants it this bad habit, you should give it a toy so that it can bite like stuffed animals, a bone, a rubber ball. Thus it would be wrong to understand fixtures bite, bite toys when all permissions are correct. When we formed the sense they will not destroy objects undisciplined way, you will see peace break on the destruction of objects in the house pets.

  1. Prevent The Dog Barking Incorrect

Electronic Collars provide a correction whenever your dog starts barking. If it continues you use as above, Horn and jerk (you just pay attention to the level that allows pets) will help control the dog’s behavior should not

  1. When You Control The Dog’s Behavior.

shock collar is often used to train when you do not need to use a leash. For example, your dog when workers took it away, or encounter other dogs rushed to bite it, you press the buzzer and shocked (pay close attention to the level allowed).

  1. Teach The Dog To Stay Away From Dangerous Animals And Objects.

A common use during your training pets. For example, when dogs come near a poisonous snake, you can alert it. This teaches the dog does not have access to solid future if it repeated act, or we will know is not exposed other dangerous animals if you want. We will know when their behavior is and is not allowed their owners to do

Note When Using Shock Collars

You must not leave electronic collar on the neck of your dog for more than 12-48 hours at a location on the neck because it can stimulate the dog’s neck and cause wounds will make the dog feel pain.

Because the shock collar is an electronic equipment so you have to know safety rules, how to use it accurately, how to preserve and keep its operation right. Sometimes, you should ask technical experts for advices, using steps. Anyway, the dog is a kind of pet which has sense, emotion with us. So you do not teach them mechanically, but the repressive machine. We live in love, is a loyal friend of the man best, so I suggest you teach them by your love. Besides the use of a shock collar reasonably.

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