The Consequences Of Bad Quality Mattress With Children

bad mattress


Currently, the market is appearing widespread of blank sheets bed mattress bed mattress is not known the origin of tea is mixed, with many models, categories eye-catching but hidden inside are unpredictable dangers.  You can visit here for get more useful infomation about Mattress For Side Sleepers.

Harm to children’s health

Cheap children are the most affected objects from poor quality mattress products, with the immune system is not high, children are very sensitive to external conditions. When using products with inexpensive material, it will not absorb sweat effectively, causing secretions and penetration into the child’s body. It can cause chills and chills to the baby’s lungs. Therefore, the selection of children for quality and genuine products is very necessary.

Children health


Causes skin irritation of children

The mattress of poor quality will irritate the skin of children. Most of us know that cheap, unspecified products are often made from recycled materials, with toxic chemical pigments or inexpensive materials. While children sleep, dirt, chemicals, and bacteria will clog up children’s face, which can irritate the baby’s skin and cause acne.

Cause sleep trouble

Because it is made from cheap and inexpensive ingredients, quality can not be compared to genuine. Low-quality products will give you a rough feel, fuzziness; the color will fade, cause sleep discomfort, do not create a deep sleep for children. It makes the spirit no longer good to negatively affect the health and work of children.

How to make the good sleep for children

Good sleep


In order to have a good sleep, in addition to good products, you must know good child care. Nutrition, parental care is very important, you can not neglect the problem. Babies can not sleep well if hot or cold. You need to keep the temperature of the baby’s newborn room full term about 28 -29 degrees Celsius. The bedroom should be airy but do not let the wind slipping into the place where baby sleep. You must not let the blower blow the baby or leave the baby in the air. If the bedroom is air-conditioned, it is possible for the baby to wear overalls, to wear socks to avoid putting on a lot of towels to make him hot. You also need to keep baby diapers always dry to sleep the good sleep.

Baby is like a blank sheet of paper; the baby will be a good baby, sleep well if you do not miss the time can teach the baby sleep habits. Baby’s sleep is not only important for the development of the baby but also important to his mother. If your child harasses too much night, you will also lack sleep and not enough health as well as spirit to care for the baby well. Choose wisely to comfort your baby so that both he and she can sleep well.


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