The Straightener Guide for Beginner At Home

Using hair straightener is not a simple task for those new to learn or not used before. You can not use this equipment when not equipped with the knowledge, the right way to care tips, best straighteners. You learn in the following article for more several ways in this straightener guide. Hopefully, this article will help you and advise you accordingly.


The shampoo is the first step before you apply any styling method with a straightener. The hair should be provided with moisture, nutrients, and clean up the entire dust along the body from the base to tip. Do this at home or the center, just remember that you do not use conditioner because it will restrict the entry of drugs on the hair stretching.

Dry Your Hair

This should be done at the center by the new only experts identified essential moisture to your hair before applying medication. Towel wipe the droplets clinging to your hair after shampooing end step. Panel dryer at moderate temperature and applied across the board until they are 22% humidity is. Hair care solution sprays if you show signs of damage before implementation.

Ointment Straighteners

Ointment on each small vertical curls and at least 1.6 cm scalp. If the hair on the tops are weak, the hairdresser will obliterate the base first and then to about 12 minutes to apply on the ends. Particularly the roots leaving, drugs are applied by hand.

The average residence time of about 32 minutes medicines but workers will regularly check because each hair has a different expansion. Drug effects are stretching as higher pH causing very dry hair, fibers, breakage. So when the hair just enough to spray expansion balancing solution pH 5.5 were up throughout the hair for a few minutes before discharge

Some Notes When Straighteners

– Can only straighteners shampoo after two days because it needed to create enough time for drug absorbed and deeply over the entire hair. Use a hat to cover all the bath, by direct contact with water will partially leach chemicals in hair straightening.

– Limiting the activities styling chemicals used when you just straighteners as dyeing, connection, bending, … because they will make the hair becomes weak and badly damaged.

– Strengthening activities with oily hair care come from nature, such as olive oil, coconut oil … hair flame will be less fibrous when absorbed enough oil, moisture, and nutrients found in natural products.

Effectively Stretched Hair Care

Even after stretching is done, your hair is not yet back to normal, at least within the first 48 hours. So avoid brushing force will lose much because of sticky, silky straight hair, sometimes creating fractures in her hair.

When shampooing, you should not use a comb to brush that should be stroked with the fingertips. Fast hair is restored, you should spend the time on hair care. One week you are incubated cream once. In the first months after pressing, you should regularly spray hair care. When out in the sun, remember to protect your hair with nourishing essences. So choose the shampoo, conditioner provides high humidity, can regenerate or restore hair stretching.

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