Fluke 77-4 Automotive Review

Fluke 77-4 Automotive

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For an automotive expert, a good, sturdy, safe, and reliable that is around $200 is definitely a great choice. But it shouldn’t too expensive to break your budget. In this multimeter review, I’m going to give you a detailed review of the Fluke 77-4 Automotive Multimeter. Fluke has always been the biggest firm in the multimeter field, their products have received supports from all over the world. And it isn’t for nothing, the Fluke 77-4 Automotive is another normal yet-again-improved by Fluke. Now, let’s take a closer look at its important features.

Overall look

This multimeter has a clean interface with the large backlit display screen. It has measure options for Volt, Amp, sound latency and much more. You can easily switch between modes by using the large switch in the middle of the multimeter. There are 4 different buttons under the display screen that allow you to make specific changes. Such as switch between auto range and manual range. But we’ll talk about this later. All in all, this piece of multimeter looks solid, compact, and has a very convenient design.

Design and build quality

Design and build

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Like many others in its category, the Fluke 77-4 Automotive is nicely built with a steady design from the inside to the outside. The feeling when holding is really comfortable and compact. The buttons allocation are very simple but it is still a full-function multimeter. And you’ll get other interesting additional features. Cleverly design with good look, solid and compact, I must say Fluke has done pretty well with this multimeter.

Display and interface

The display and interface are simple but still provide all the functionality that any experts going to need. It has only a few button for changing between modes, measurements, and ranges. And since the control is as simple as it could get, it’s hard for things to go wrong here. The display is a large backlit that is up to 6000 counts and a graph bar. The digits are updated four times a second and the bar graph refresh 32 times every second so the measurement result will always stay update.

Function and feature

This is well performed multimeter overall. It’s simple and easy to use for newbies but is still a full-functioned device for experts. The performance on the device is really good, it’s fast and responsive with the result is updated each millisecond. It has no excessive features that you probably will never use.

Protection features

Protection and features

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As an expert automotive, you’ll probably care about this matter. The Fluke 77-4’s current ranges are protected by 1000V HRC fuse. It is more expensive than glass ones and much safer.

Pros and cons


Simple and compact design with no no-needed features

Sturdy and durable build

Housing is good, looks very nice

Has separate voltage range

Great display screen and bar graph


Doesn’t have a micro-amps meter

Has average RMS response


As expected from Fluke, you’ll get a nice quality multimeter, both inside and outside. It has great build quality and housing with a great safe protection. But many people can find other cheaper multimeter with the similar functions.

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