Tips for using the air compressor safety

When purchasing a new compressor, you need to have a technical kit for the air compressor, so read the manual thoroughly before use, as improper use can cause accidents and dangerous for you. And you can check here for learn about the best air compressor for the money.

Some tips are incorporated into the use of safe air compressors for you

Some tips are incorporated into the use of safe air compressors for you


– Protect your eyes and hearing when using compressors

– Do not use air compressors in a wet area. If the compressor is exposed to water for long periods of time, it can cause rust and damage, and can also cause problems related to electrical circuits, causing an explosion.

Ensure that all pipe fittings are tight. Accessories loose in addition to reducing work productivity it can also cause accidents. It is best to keep them tightly clean and to keep them long.

– Never add or change oil or refuel when the compressor is running or has just been used. This will help to avoid smoke, fire, and other concerns.

– Do not direct the air tubes towards your body.

Make sure they are earthed safely

Some tips are incorporated into the use of safe air compressors for you


– To be safe, keep sharp objects away from air compressors, sharp objects that may collide and cause puncturing and cracking of the compressor, which is very damaging if it occurs.

– If the safety valves are used properly. Check if all the couplings are connected, the safety valve on the compressor needs to be maintained, periodically checked or replaced. Imagine if the pressure relays are damaged, and the compressors run continuously, when the safety valve is discharging when the pressure exceeds the safety valve, then the safety valve damages the pressure. The capacity continues to increase and increase and then exceeds that pressure into compressed air cylinders, causing the explosion.

Just as the above explanation, pressure relays are essential for the operation of the compressor. So always maintain them. Note, long life pressure relays may be biased toward pressure if possible bring them to calibration again. If damaged, please change immediately.

– Bottom blow valve: advice to blow the bottom regularly, daily. Because when the compressor compresses the air, in the air there is water, it accumulates in the compressed air tank, if it is not exhausted for a long time, causing corrosion,

– Must have protective equipment, protection, avoid accidents caused by hands and feet, clothes on straps.

Air compressor environment

Air compressor environment


There must be a suitable location for the compressor to be placed, preferably in a room that meets the following requirements:

  1. The room is spacious and bright enough to operate and maintain, the machine is kept soundproof, surrounded by walls and ceiling at least 1.2 meters. The room needs proper ventilation.
  1. The environment is not overheated (<40oC) and dust, the machine requires a cooling fan with a larger flow than the compressor fan.
  1. Paying attention to the sunshine direction can affect the rise in environmental temperature

If the conditions are well-established, it will be less dusty, and acidification and other corrosion will be slow. If the quality of gas below the standard should be best to install the filter equipment to clean the gas.

With the box structure and mounted on the rack, this type of compressor can move on the surrounding background. If you move upstairs, you must take protective measures to avoid abrasion.

Hopefully, the tips above will help you to use the air compressor safely

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