How to watch Disney movies online free

Now, with the Internet is developing and making our lives easier and easier, It’s really simple to watch these movies. All you need is a stable internet connection, a couch to relax on, some popcorn and soda. But wait, I’m missing something here, you’ll need great movies to watch and a place to watch them.

Great movies

Well, when it comes to Disney movies, I guarantee that you will never feel short on movies to watch. With a large library of hundreds released movie and a continuous flow of new movies, especially from their studio Pixar. But too many movies might be a problem for you, I mean a good problem (LOL). Most of you will probably find it hard to choose some movies to watch on your night off, so here is a list of my favorite Disney movies that you guys must be desperate to see.

Disney movies

The Prince of Egypt

As I have mentioned earlier in my post, this is one of my most favorite movie from Disney. It literally brought me to this movies and cartoons heaven. And not to mention the theme song which was performed by two most famous Diva of all time, Maria Carey and Whitney Houston. The movie, the music, and the experience, they’re all great. You should definitely watch it if you haven’t and watch it again for several times if you have (like I do)

Monster Inc

The movie takes place in the city of the monster in Metropolis. Now kids, don’t get scared right away, they’re good monsters. Well, there are some bad ones too. But isn’t it the point of every movie, good guys vs bad guys. But don’t worry, the movie won’t feel intense, It’s going to be very funny, relaxing, and enjoyable. I’ll not spoil any content here, you should watch it yourself. And trust me, you won’t regret it.

Finding Nemo

This is gonna be the last movie on the list since I’ve got pretty long for a Friday night movies list. The movie is great, it’s so awesome how producer has breathed life into the fish (and sharks and other types of sea animals). It’ll surely guarantee a feast for your movie hunger. The movie is fun, enjoyable and unforgettable.

Where to watch

Which could be the best place for watching free movies online? Well, you guys did see the strong bolded text that said “free movies online” on it, right? Just click on it, choose your site. And after some click and tap, you’re good to go.

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