How Water Effect to Human Health

Why are water and environment polluted? How does it affect human health?

In the self-operation of nature, water also has a process of purifying water by microbial and microalgae activities and photosynthesis by the sun. Besides it, you can visit here for getting more information about Top 5 Best Reverse Osmosis Systems.

Water pollution status


However, with more than 7 billion people living on the planet today, providing nutrients for life and releasing waste into the environment has reached the critical level of self-cleaning of the environment. If people do not have the awareness raising and join hands to keep the environment clean and protect the water resources, the pollution of water and the environment as the present is indispensable.

Causes of water and environmental pollution can be divided into two groups



  1. Natural pollution is caused by erosion or slope degradation of mountains, riverside land, which causes water currents to entrained with mechanical substances such as mud, soil, sand, mud, etc., or volcanic eruptions. Smog increases the amount of smoke in the rainwater that falls to the ground, or from the rising sea level, causing pollution of the rivers, or the dissolution of high concentrations of mineral salts, including carcinogens. A letter like Arsen, Fluor, and Heavy Metals …
  2. Human pollution is a direct risk that causes many health and human life problems. Significant is human waste (feces, water, garbage), factory and export processing waste and the exploitation of minerals, oil and gas fields; Waste of livestock, poultry and aquaculture; Slaughter area waste, food processing; And traffic with waste gas and residues after use; Last but not least, radioactive waste.

How does it affect human health?

affect to human


– Intestinal diseases; Skin diseases, cancer, congenital malformations; Respiratory diseases and cardiovascular diseases, hypertension due to microbial contamination, plant protection chemicals and industrial waste, smoke, dust, continuous noise in soil, water, air and the environment. bare.

  • In the face of the current state of water pollution, it is essential to equip a family with a water purifier. A product can not deny the special feature of water purification is the water purifier.

What can I do to keep water clean and protect the environment?

. As ordinary citizens we should only educate our children and grandchildren and motivate people to do the same things as they do: do not dispose of anything freely into the water, into the common environment, save water and be ready. Participate in village conventions, regulations on soil, water, and environmental protection. Sort waste at home and reuse plastic bags, plastic, glass objects. Each household must have at least 01 sanitary standards. In eating and drinking, consumption is not wasted to secure the economy and maintain the earth’s resources.

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