Trail camera buying guide for beginners

Having trouble with choosing your first trail camera since you haven’t figured it out how to pick a proper one? In this article, I’m going to give you the basic knowledge when it comes to buying and using a trail camera.

What is trail camera?

What is trail camera

First thing first, you must get to know it better before you can start working with it. Trail camera is specifically designed for capture images at difficult terrains or in tough environments. It’s often used by adventurers or war photographer since it’s light-weighted, easy-to-use, and very durable. It also offers a lot of awesome features that are great for taking pictures at high speed and large angle.

Important features

Here are the most essential features that every good trail camera must have. And it’s very important for those who’s still new to using or looking to buy a trail camera.


Great for tracking wild animal

It’s really convenient to have a flashlight feature on your trail companion. This will enable you to take pictures in dark areas or capture great moments that will only appear at night. But even flashlight has types and you must choose the one that suit you most.

No-glow flashlight: this one is perfect for taking pictures of animals at night without scaring it away. The light that comes from this device is invisible to the animal as well as our eyes. But the downside is that all the pictures that you take will only come in black and white color.

Low-glow flashlight: It’s a slightly better choice if you want your picture to be a little more colorful. And the light is very mild so it won’t scare most animals away except for those that is extremely sensitive to light.

White flashlight: This typical and traditional flashlight will guarantee the best pictures for your album. It’s great for taking pictures in the night as long as the things that you capture isn’t alive or react to bright light.


This will decide how detailed the picture is taken. If you want your picture to be well-detailed and has a wide view then you probably should care about this feature. But high pixels doesn’t mean that your picture will look better. The quality of the images is mostly affected by the lens of the camera.

Capturing and taking picture


There are lots of things to talk about this but I’m going to shorten the list since you guys are still new to it. I’ll mention important features that every trail camera should have.

Speed enhancement: This feature is proven to be great for taking pictures at high speed, things that only appear or a moment. It’s perfect for taking pictures of animal.

Recovery time: This may sound similar to the mentioned above since it’s also about improving speed but it’s not. The recovery time of a camera is referred to how much time the camera takes to complete its capturing and ready for the next one. So put your mind in it if you want your camera to be extra fast.


If you’re a wildlife adventurer or a war photographer, you’d probably get used to living in tough environments where things could get broken pretty easily. And in this case, you wouldn’t want your trail camera to be one of those. So choose a nicely made one and make sure you choose a camera that comes with a durable carry bag since it’ll help you a lot.


One more thing to consider when choosing the best trail camera is its battery life. It should be maximized so the camera can stay alive as long as possible since you won’t have many chances recharging it in the wild. But don’t choose those that have big battery because it’ll be heavy for you to carry around.

That’s it guys, hope you enjoy my post and see you in my next one.

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