How often should you clean a cat’s litter box?

Some people say that having a dog makes you feel more exhausting than a cat since they’re bigger which means more eating, more pooping, and breaking more stuff. But sometimes, I thought to myself, ”I should’ve got myself a dog”. But that’s just a stupid thinking moment. I still love my kittens no matter what happens. Still, getting a dog isn’t a bad idea. I’ll plan on that latter.

Back to the cat topic, lately I’ve received lots of question regarding how often should one clean their cat litter box. Since the question is various, I’ll try to give you the most general answer. There isn’t any particular standard for the frequency of cleaning your litter box. You only clean it when it’s dirty and that’s it.

Simple cleaning Scooping litter box

By saying “simple”, I mean the type of cleaning involving remove only the urines and poops. If that’s what you were asking, then here is the answer. You should clean it whenever you think that it’s too dirty (which means whenever you feel like cleaning). Or when you can’t stand the smells that’ve been coming out from your litter box. There are a few signs showing that your litter box is too dirty and it needs to be clean:

First, you’ll see your cat scratching outside the litter box. This is a way of saying “Hey hooman! It’s too dirty in here, I can’t pee anymore. Clean it right away!”.

Second, when you look into the litter box, you can clearly see lots of urine pieces and poop on the surface of the litter. Plus, you also smell a stinky scent coming from the litter. If that’s the case, it’s time to grab the scoop and get rid of those wastes. Consider changing the litter if there’s only a few left.

Advance cleaning

If the problem isn’t about the litter anymore, the built-up urine and poop have taken the dirtiness inside your litter box to a whole new level. It’s time for more serious acts. Here is how we perform the job. Cleaning

First, you’ll still need to “simple” clean the box by removing all the poop and urine. After that, pour all the rest of the litter out. Dissemble all the part that’s possible. Dip them in a mixture of bleach and deodorizer liquid. Wait for the mixture to dissolve properly.

Then take them out, carefully brush the parts to remove all the stains. Apply more bleach if necessary. When they’re all dealt with, take them out somewhere clean, dry, and exposed-to-sunlight. The sunlight will dry and also get rid of all the bad odors.

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